For most of us, where we’re from is an important part of our identity.  Most countries celebrate a national holiday of some sort, reminding them of their roots; most families have certain traditions that remind them of who they are.  In Psalm 87 we are reminded to rejoice because God has brought us from every nation and tribe to be part of His family, His kingdom.  Read more at Life and Godliness:


As the proud daddy of a three year old, I’m getting used to the constant echo of “Why?” through the house.  My favorite “why” was after hearing a dozen questions in rapid fire.  I told Cara that she sure had a lot of questions, to which she asked, “Why do I have a lot of questions, Daddy?”

Big people have questions, too.  In Psalm 86 David answers at least three big, urgent questions: Why would God listen to our prayers?  Why can I confidently pray to God?  Why is there hope and comfort in the midst of trouble?  Read more at Life and Godliness:

Have you ever looked back to “the good old days” and wondered if things would ever be the same?  Have you remembered God’s past kindnesses and longed to experience them again?  In Psalm 85 the Holy Spirit tells us to follow God closely, anticipating His mercy and kindness, even when it isn’t immediately evident.  Read more at Life and Godliness:

Because Jesus has paid for our sin with His blood, we are welcome to confidently enter God’s presence (Heb. 10:19-22), and when we do we find a home for the weakest of us, we find strength and provision for our every need, and we find safety and blessing as we serve this worthy King.  In short, “O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man who trusts in You” (Ps. 84:12)!  Read more at Life and Godliness:

Have you ever felt alone, like everyone around you is out to get you?  Psalm 83 tells us that when the people of God are under attack, there is a bigger story at work; the offense is really against God Himself, and He is very capable of dealing with enemies.  Read more at

Psalm 82: Cut Down to Size

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Mike Yates

Psalm 82 reminds all of us who are in authority–as pastors, employers, government officials, teachers, or parents–that there is a righteous Judge who sees how we use the roles God has given us.  He promises that justice will be done, either through us or to us.  Read more at

We at Bethel were grateful to have Dr. Ricky Persons and his family with us last weekend.  For those who were unable to make it, or who simply want to listen again, his sermons from Saturday and Sunday can be heard and downloaded at